Three key words when describing what Widow’s extreme machines brings to the table.

Is it lust or desire that takes us on through these strange highways? Might be the uncertain felling, one of a little pain, a little pleasure a feeling comparative to being dominated by that unforgivably passionate sex Goddess. Yea you know you sick puppy!

The unfortunate mistrials that leave us in the hands of god to be brought forth to another some may say safer place or to be beaten to near death in hopes that the human spirit will reign and give you the strength to get back behind that wheel and take control of what once was and always be forever yours!

The mystical and magical powers that any one good performer places thought where principle once resided. Is this trickery? I cannot believe I was so easily pulled apart on such a mental level. Is magic not for real, did sorcery never exist, were the alchemists not placed in such a hell for defying gods matter? How about the very talented and renowned craftsman of the day from the here to the now, the metal masters, the custom painters, the incomparable seamstress that wows you every time you step on through the doorway of haven. Some might call us artists, but I’ll tell you right now there are many that call us out as magicians for they will never truly understand how a once scrap yard POS metamorphosis into the most beautiful creation they have ever dreamed to dream.

Being infected with the sickness brings forth Chaos and destruction to ourselves, to the truly unfortunate loved ones and to mankind itself!

Some might say were over the top, some say we take it too far, I like to say we will never know how strong we are until we push ourselves to the edge and feel the crack from beneath our feet, only to step back and push it one more time to the brink of insanity. Don’t be too concerned of the Mayhem that accursed while all this is going down, we are professionals and have it under control;-)