So we have the speed thing down, we have one of the fastest cars on the street with estimated 0 to 60 times in under three seconds, this bad boy has gotten up to speeds in excess of 170mph! Well than I guess the next best thing would be to slow down before we drive ourselves straight through that hairpin curve fifty feet into the desert straight into that Saguaro cactus that has unfortunately brought forth some very tragic and expensive Friday nights! Yea blame on the lack of driving skill, or the fifth of Jack Daniels you consumed through the evening, NO, it was the crappy brakes!

Back in the day you had certain options when it came to specific driving nature. If you wanted to go fast in a straight line you bought a muscle car, if you were more of a road race person, you bought a sports car, and if you had money falling out of your ass you bought a Super car.

Well as time moved on technology and engineering brought us to a place where we were able to cross the paths of our choices to accomplish feats unheard of back in the day. We Have developed suspension and braking systems to not only take our classic muscle car to sports car standards but also to step it up into the 200 MPH super car bracket!

What our goal is here at Widow’s extreme machines is to put together a combination that balances the power plant throughout the entire drive train and suspension which in turn leads to a vehicle that will be right in the middle of chaos and insanity, right where you want it!

So depending on your budget will be able to choose from manufactures like Wilwood, and Baer, or even the almighty Brembo to provide you with the best stopping power available for your classic Hot Rod or muscle car.