In the thirty years I’ve been in the profession of restoring classic cars I can honestly say the electrical system has to be hands down the most over looked part of the vehicle! I can’t even begin to tell you the nightmares I have seen behind some of these dash boards, and how half of you escaped a dozen bare and melted positive feeds from grounding out and burning your investment down to the ground.
I’m going to tell you this one time so understand to recognize the importance of replacing wiring that is over 20 years old or wiring that has been molested to the point of no return, REPLACE IT!

Wiring to us at Widow’s extreme machines is a common every day practice so take it from me when I tell you it’s no big thing! If you want original equipment, or would like to have us install an aftermarket harness like Painless you’ll be assured that all of your wiring gets routed properly and all the splices are soldered and heatshrinked, NO butt connectors!

So as much as we like to watch things smoke, burn and blow up lets enjoy it in leisure time like the 4th of July or sighting in our rocket launchers, and not your precious 84 El Camino because the starter wire was laying on top of your fuel line!