High Performance Engines

The Internal combustion engine, made up of sequential amounts of moving parts all working together in harmonious balance to create a force of nature so amazing, so powerful well that it changed the world we once knew forever! It has not only allowed man to travel in time faster than ever imagined, but brought forth a way of life for many, many people around the world. It gave us sport that to the day will shock and amaze us, it has brought us flight so we no longer have to obey the laws of gravity, and last but not least, for the nitro breathing maniacs like you and I, the ones who have made it a excessive hobby, a full time career, a way of life, well Some might say the internal combustion engine gave us a god to believe in!

The streamline design of a Jaguar V12, The whine of a roots 671, the beautiful notes of a finely tuned exhaust! You would think we were talking about some fine art, well we are, and we at Widow’s extreme machines are the artists that praise the gift of air and fuel.

Let us make sure that when you’re holding steady at 5500 RPM from Florida down the coast line to California all your engine components are designed to do exactly that! If you’re tearing up the quarter mile and respect the law of power to reliability, we will build you mild to wild! If your wallet exceeds your intelligent, we are here to educate on limits and boundaries!

  • All of our engines are assembled with only forged components, such as Crank and rods, no cast!
  • Blocks are sonic tested before assembly.
  • Connecting rods are shotpeened and Magnafluxed.
  • Under recommendation heads will be ported and flowed to ones budget and needs.
  • All fasteners are brought to us by ARP, and every engine is Balanced and blueprinted.
  • Dyno testing is available upon request.