Performance Upgrades

We can fine-tune your car

Package one: Custom Body Design

If you’re looking for visual stimulation, let us at Widow’s put together the perfect balance of aggressive styling and classic notes to bring your vehicle to an appreciation level that will be the talk of the town over and over, thus being the canvas on which we being the artists we are can perform the most magnificently beautiful paint one has ever set their sights on.

Package two: Brakes, Suspension

One thing I can and will stress is the stance and function of a properly set up vehicle! So many people truly do not understand the geometry of how suspension parts need to work together for proper weight balance specifically for different driving or racing characteristics. So if you need us to set up a four link, put you together a killer brake package, or just lower your car to reduce your center of gravity, let us know and we will put together whatever you need that fits your budget.

Package three: Drive Train

This is where things get serious and we need everyone to understand that Horsepower equals money! Let’s say you’re building a weekend warrior to tear up the streets on Saturday night, well then let us put together a combination that works together from the engine, transmission to rear end, and I will guarantee that a 500 hp engine with everything matching from your camshaft to your rear end gears working in harmony will straight up kill most everything you will run into when it comes down to go time! And within a manageable budget!

If we’re building you an Extreme Machine for the race track that is going to take your life onto the next level of life, well then just prepare to open up that wallet and let the good times roll.

If it’s naturally aspirated, boosted or N2o engines… We have what you crave. If you need a bulletproof overdrive that will scoot you down the highway while maintaining your drag gears, we will incorporate this onto your drive train for smooth sailing.

If you would like to put an order in on one of Widow’s limited edition Challengers, Mustang, or Camaros please feel free to call the Widow hotline for a personal tour of how these machines are going to change your perspective on anything you have ever seen or felt so you can truly understand the magnitude behind the driving force we call Widow’s Extreme Machines.