Widow’s Custom Paint

Show quality custom paint
  • Every paint job begins with the cleaning and disassembly of project. Fenders, Doors, Hood, Decklid, valance panels ect.
  • Interiors will be pulled out, unless stated otherwise by client.
  • Bodywork prior to paint will be billed as time & material, and will be discussed with client, as for with the replacement of body panels.
  • Body panels will be Jammed prior to the fitting, and Alignment of vehicle.
  • All gaps will be corrected; hinges will be replaced or reconditioned to assure proper fit.
  • Widow’s extreme machines only use the best product from start to Finnish.
  • For projects that require media blasting or chemical striping will be prepped with a self etching primer.
  • Body work will be covered in K36 epoxy filler primer as for the blocking of vehicle.
  • Project will be sealed prior to paint with DP epoxy.
  • For custom paint we are proud to use House of color products.
  • On factory codes we like to use PPG DBC base coats, and Global clear.

Painting process is 2:2:4

  • Two coats sealer
  • Two coats base
  • Four coats clear
  • Will paint in single stage enamel, or Lacquer if requested.

All paint jobs performed will be subjected to extensive wet sand, and polishing.

  1. Step one: 1000 grit
  2. Step two : 1500 grit
  3. Step three : 2000 grit
  4. Step four : rubbing compound
  5. Step five : polish
  6. Step six : swirl remover
  • Paint jobs must not be waxed for at least six months, Paints must be allowed to breath till fully cured! Silicones in waxes fill the pores damaging the effect of the curing process!
  • Pricing: Paint jobs start at $7000.00.
  • Custom art work will be priced as time and material
  • This will be a show quality paint job that will last you as long as you know how to properly take care of a show car paint job! We recommend you bring your vehicle in once a year to have us polish out scratches and remove road grime.