The Way It Is!!!

AS time passes us by there are those who ride out what they have of left of there pathetically tragic lives. And then there are the believers, the warriors of the free world.

In the short time that I have plained the earth, I have made it a point to learn and understand extreme human nature, the good, the bad, and the absolute horror of all things evil. The one thing that has caught my undivided attention is how the human spirit will never die, and therefore the most powerful force ever to exist!

With this in mind let’s focus our energy on something far more spectacular than you nor I could ever imagine! If right about now your saying to yourself, “What the fuck is wrong with this guy? I just wanna build a car.” Then you need to go anywhere but here. Widow Industries is a place of passion, beauty, and desire! And let’s not forget THE MAYHEM!

There are no malls and no limitations, just the pure enjoyment of bringing man and machine together. This is what I feel might keep this uncontrollable world of technology wizards and computer god from destroying what was once mans world! Where it was the man making the machine, not the machine making the man!

I don’t expect everyone to understand the creative nature of our corporation, and I can only say it is as well as the people, the warriors that slaved for us day after day to make Widow Industries what it is, and I quote, “Widow Industries will never fail, for it is not just a business but also a way of life!” Oh yah!! All we are really building these extremes machines for is to carry you into the battle, and you know from anything we have ever built that you are going to have the baddest ride on the planet!

From the pavement burning torque to the fifth gear blinding horsepower of 180+ miles an hour! The subliminal presence of every childhood fantasy brought to life in larger than life proportions. We are what some call the modern day alchemist, for everything we touch turns to gold! I fell the art that we create just our paint alone will set you centuries apart from the rest of the world. This is what we call self-personalization, and I cannot stress enough that if I don’t feel the connection between you and I and what we set out to build, that usually means that you do not have self-personalization and you are unwilling to accept that there is something better for you in life.

Therefore if we have passed this point, we will move on to what is going to fuel the desire of ours. How are we going to keep this power and self-destruction dormant? You will be tested! We will find out how much you can handle! Even the Widow Maker did not start out with a 1,000 horsepower HEMI! Even though I strive to build suicide machines, we won’t let you that easy! There are absolutely no shortcuts when it comes to our safety fabrications. From our cages to our braking systems… our machines are fully functional! Now it’s time to ask the question… ARE YOU READY??


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