Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey full of passion, magic, and mayhem. Join us through the underground world of Widow Industries, were there is much more going on than meets the unbelieving eye. For what you are about to experience, will strip you from all the unpromising memories especially from the hell in which you once chose to live out your pathetic shallow life in!

I know there are many prying eyes in hope to find out how a corporation as this works, or even seizes to exist, for the believers. The warriors that put the endless hours of pain and suffering, both men and women, that slaved away day after day will tell you Widow Industries is not a place of work or even a place of business, but that Widow Industries is a lifestyle, which can never be destroyed or sold out. It is here for no other reason than to live free, on the edge, and ready to kick some serious ass!

Chances are, you found this site in hopes of building something that you have dreamed of for a long time. Everyone has dreamed it, but very few will ever take hold of the flame that ignites it! You know, if it was not for those unfortunate lost souls, there would be no you and I, so good riddance, and lets continue to do whatever the hell we want. Whose world is it? YOUR WORLD! And there is no way anybody is going to tell you the color of your car is too obnoxious, or to slow your ass down if you’re going too fast, and god forbid they tell you your car is too F**kin loud! I am not saying anyone is above the law, but it’s amazing what you can get away with when a thousand endorphin rushing, testosterone pumping, motor heads are behind you ready to tear someone’s head off!! All I have to say is watch out!!!

When it comes down to the work that will be performed on your baby, your girl, your frickin monster, whatever you want to call it, we promise you there are no limitations. So feel free to open up your minds and your wallets to let us fulfill your wildest desires!

You may be wondering what’s wrong with this guy, the guy that calls himself the Widowmaker. I put it well before by saying that it’s visionary frustration. I have the ambitious ideas and visions of how to bring man and machine together, and yet without you, our visions will never be seen or heard!

No longer should we think of these machines as museum pieces but let’s bring them back to dominate the streets as a reminder of why we built them to begin with: Great times and bone crushing acceleration.
There is a design for this madness and is derived of three steps… and first things first, you have to look good! This crucial part allows your passions and desires to fuel our imagination. Together we will create the most beautiful and unforgettable machine unlike any you have ever seen/heard on the streets.

Step two is the heart of this spectacular machine. And if your ride is going to look as bad ass as I think it’s going to, you best be backing it up with a whole lot of horsepower. So trust me when I say I will do whatever it takes to build your machine’s power train to a height unrivaled by any other.

Step three is all you! The one with the attitude, and desire! Or should I say the appetite to eat the rest of the world for lunch! So let me ask you, Are you ready?

“Every time I climbed a mountain and it turns into a hill I promised myself that I’d move on and I will.”